Proxied with Cloudflare

OS type and version Rocky Linux 9.1
Virtualmin version 7.5 Pro

I’ve configured a proxy with cloudflare, but I can’t send and receive emails when using a proxy on cloudflare

please see pictures

if I don’t use a cloudflare proxy, I can receive and send emails, but my VPS IP will be visible

Is there an error in my DNS records configuration? and how to solve it?

Hello @sulato and welcome to the community.

I would call that your IP address or more precisely the IP address assigned to your server. This IP address is reserved for your use as long as you pay your monthly charges for the server. It is a permanent IP address, almost, that is yours to use.

I can see no advantage in hiding this IP address unless you want others not to know who you have hired the server from. And from a biz point of view, there may be valid reasons for you to wish to do that.

CDNs let you do that for web services. Cloudflare specifically prevents you from using other services by limiting the ports that you can use with their services.

In summary, you can hide the IP address of your web services but not other services and certainly not services for mail.

This is from what little I know of such things. I have never really tried to hide the IP addresses of my servers.

Thanks for you response

yes you are right, I don’t want my VPS IP to be known by other people.

I did a test MX server in the domain (, but the content record has been changed in such a way by Cloudflare, I have changed the IMAP and SMTP mail servers according to the MX test. and it worked fine using outlook/thunderbird.

Before proxy :
after proxy :

and I want to stick to by using cloudflare proxy, because my script can’t use

do I have to use another email server? or any other suggestions?


Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, as far as I know.

so the best solution right now is to use another email server. or don’t use cloudflare proxy


If I understand you, you’ve chosen to try to send mail through Cloudflare by pointing the mail-related records at Cloudflare, which is just not going to work. For example, it looks like the mail A record is set to Proxied. That doesn’t make sense. Likewise for all the other services Cloudflare does not proxy for (Cloudflare is a web proxy…nothing else you’re trying to send through there is going to work).

Thanks it work now

i was remove record A Mail IP and AAAA Mail IP with unproxied

and i was able sending email with

Love u guys :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @sulato ,

Yeah, you shouldn’t proxy your mail A/AAAA records in Cloudflare, especially if you’re on the free plan. They don’t proxy the necessary mail ports to get it work.
There are some instructions out there on :

Here you can see which ports they support.

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