Providing Virtualmin support for ARM architecture

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Linux 5.10.0-29-arm64 on aarch64

Dear friends

I have 25 years of experience in programming and working in the field of computer and IT, and I have been working professionally with Virtualmin for several years, and I want to express my experiences and suggestions in the field of working with the lovely and open source Virtualmin panel, and I hope that in I have a share in its bright future.

1. Attention to the future of processor architecture:
The serious attention of processor manufacturing companies is on their low consumption, so attention, development and optimization of ARM architecture will not be out of mind for them. Qualcomm company for desktop systems and Ampere company for server and…
Based on my experience, considering monthly cost and performance, I got 50% higher performance on Apache web server with ARM processors. In the following address, a professional comparison between ARM and AMD processors has been made in the Hetzner server, which is exactly consistent with my experiences.
Hetzner Cloud - ARM64 versus x86 AMD64

2. More attention to the importance of APIs:
APIs are very important for developers and management of sales of hosting services, therefore safe and easy communication between two servers can be a great motivation to choose virtualmin as an attractive web server.
I personally worked with whmcs and the connecting plugin to the virtualmin server and I encountered two problems: the first problem was that the whmcs service server had to be installed on the same virtualmin server in order to establish a connection, and secondly, there was a huge delay in creating a new host. Sometimes it was not done at all.

3. More attention to HTTP/3 and QUIC:
Since Apache developers do not pay attention to the support of the 3rd generation of http and this technology has a great impact on the efficiency of the website, it is not bad if it is possible to support the Litespeed web server in virtualmin.

Be happy and victorious.

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Perhaps you missed the search for ARM Support? Plenty of people have mentioned it over the past few years here.
Take a look at this: I got Virtualmin working on ARM64 (Ampere)

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Hello and thank you for your attention, Dear friend
Before creating this post that you mentioned, I was using Virtualmin on the Debian 11 operating system based on arm, and I am still using it now, but the official support of the Virtualmin developer group of arm can be a special encouragement to users for official and commercial use of this panel. have and the desire to use the pro version of this panel will also increase and also many users like me will not have enough knowledge to solve compatibility problems.
My purpose in creating this post is to pay attention to the possibilities and features that can make this lovely panel (which has nothing less than cpanel) more popular.