Proftpd User not login

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Please show me it who it is.
I try server construction of webmin+virtualmin+usermin.

OS CentOS 5.2
webmin Ver1.470
usermin Ver1.400
virtualmin ver3.66.gpl

I was able to use a domain in webimin first.
Apache worked as I expected both ProFTP and postfix.

Therefore I decided to make next purpose, and
I made each domain from Create Virtal Server of virtualmin.
I made a user in Edit mail and FTP Uers next.

However, a user cannot log in to the FTP of the subdomain.
The error of the command
421 Service not available, closing control connection.

I performed webimin â

Are there any errors in your logfiles that explain the problem?

I would suggest this:

  1. Try logging into FTP again

  2. Look in /var/log/messages

  3. Look in /var/log/secure

Maybe one of those will help explain what the problem is.

Thanks you, I was able to find one’s problems. It was an extremely rudimentary mistake. (I did not prepare a directory.)

I thank for having spared time for me.