Proftpd uploded file in ASCII mode corrupted

There is a strange problem with one Ubuntu 10.04 server running ProFTPD v 1.3.2c. All the files uploaded get corrupted if they are in ASCII mode.

There is now other error and the binary mode is working without any problem.


When you say all files get corrupted – I just wanted to verify that you were only attempting to upload text files using ASCII mode… uploading anything other than text files in ASCII mode would indeed cause file corruption.

If you’re referring to text files – can you describe what happens to them? What kind of corruption are you seeing?


The corrupted files are all text files (.txt, .html, .php) and I am uploading them in ASCII mode. They upload without error just very slow but when on server the file size is zero.

If I upload other binary files in binary mode everything is ok. I have disabled the firewall but no change.

I don’t understand because I have an other server with the same version of Virtualmin and ProFTPD but there I don’t have a problem. The SSH is working but that has nothing to do with ProFTPD.

I not able to find any information about this error and I am really out of ideas on how to debug it.