ProFTPD Server service does not work on debian 10

Hi, I installed on a vps:
Operating system: Debian Linux 10
Webmin version: 1.941
Usermin version: 1.791
Virtualmin version: 6.08
but the ProFTPD Server service is not working and I can’t get it started. What should I do?
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Duplicate of Debian 10 - Proftpd not starting on new install

speaking openly and freely - just use open ssh - it will work :slight_smile:

@Joe have you considered integrating pure-ftp?

No, I don’t really find FTP servers interestingly differentiated. ProFTPd is great. I misconfigured it in Debian 10, and I’ll fix it in the installer when I have a bit of time to sort it out, probably by the weekend.

If ProFTPd were ever to go unmaintained, we’d consider other options, but I think most users will prefer ssh/scp/sftp. But, ProFTPd does everything people who care about FTP need it to do.