Proftpd not recognized by Virtualmin?

OS type and version Debian 11
Virtualmin version 7.2-1

Hi Guys,

I’m facing a small issue with Proftpd and my issued SSL certificate.
I installed a new server today and issued the SSL certificate for it.
But when I click on “Set as Default Services Certificate” it just says “Use this SSL certificate as the default in Webmin, Usermin, Dovecot and Postfix”
Somehow, it looks like the Proftpd option is missing. When I connect to FTP, I get an error message, that the cert is a self-signed one.
Maybe something is wrong there? I don’t have this issue with a Debian 10 installation, there it says it will copy over as well to Proftpd.

What is also a bit strange, I don’t see Proftpd in my Server Status on the Dashboard…

Thanks already upfront and have a wonderful Sunday.


Which app do you use to connect to your FTP server? When you connect to your new Debian 11 system using FTP, does it display certificate common issuer name and subject common and alternatives names? Are those R3 Let’s Encrypt US and,

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Something I noticed for me on a Ubuntu 22.04 fresh install might apply here. in previous installs, ProFTPD is enabled in “Features and Plugins” by default, but in this fresh install of Virtualmin 7 on Ubuntu 22.04, it was disabled by default.

Check your Features and Plugins to see if it is not enabled…

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ProFTPD virtual FTP (FTP Directory Restrictions) is expected to be off by default and has nothing to do with enabling/disabling FTP access itself.

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To be more emphatic: You almost certainly should not enable the Virtual FTP feature. It is not useful for the vast majority of users (and the vast majority of users cannot use it because it requires a new IP for every virtual host that has the feature enabled).


Perfect, thanks a lot for all the information :wink:
I’ll try to have a look on my VPS again, as soon as I can. Probably I’ll have to take it back to the snapshot, after the installation of Virtualmin. I don’t even know anymore what I did here and there :grin:

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