ProFTPd hanging on gui ftp clients

Dear Sirs,

I am using the pro version of Virtualmin on Ubuntu 8.04 server and can cli ftp with no issues, works great… this is fine for me; however, others that need to use a client to ftp are having very consistent issues with most if not all graphical ftp clients ranging from Total Commander, cuteftp, internet exploder, firefox, or firefox with fireftp.

Typically the login processes and then hangs on the ls or get of the directory contents. With some tweaking the clients can access the site if the "Passive Mode" is disabled.

I am guessing/ hoping that it is a just a configuration issue in ProFTPd???

If not I would like to find a way to install vsftpd and still maange users with virtualmin?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I have thoroughly enjoyed using Virtualmin.

Does it help if you log in over SSH, and type (as root):

modprobe ip_conntrack_ftp

And then try the FTP client’s you’re having trouble with again?