ProFTPD Cannot be reinstalled

Originally had a small problem: the primary domain’s ftp account (which is used for the admin) could not reach the root directory. I tried every option available on the forums. Nothing helped. Then somebody advised to disable ProFTPD. I disabled ProFTPD, but from that point could not be enabled again, started, restarted the ProFTPD service. So uninstalled ProFTPD. I tried to reinstall the package but have the error massage “Failed to install standard module : Module proftpd requires Webmin version 1.974 or above”.
Now I have the bigg problem. How can I fix it? Thanks

I don’t believe you did.

This sounds like you uninstalled the Webmin ProFTPd module. That is not ProFTPd. It’s a module of Webmin for managing ProFTPd.

Uninstalling either is a mistake, and uninstalling either won’t do anything useful (and can lose data). But, I believe you uninstalled a Webmin module rather than uninstalling the ProFTPd package itself.

You haven’t told us your OS/version, so I can’t tell you how to fix it most easily. But, probably reinstalling the Webmin package (not uninstalling it and then installing it again, that will just further get you into a mess…I mean using the reinstall option to your package manager, whatever that may be, which will replace removed files without removing the package).

Uninstalling software to try to fix it is a dangerous habit. It can lose data, it can undo configuration you need to work with Virtualmin, and it almost certainly won’t solve any problems you’re having (now you’ve got two problems). Luckily, it sounds like you just uninstalled a Webmin module, which is less harmful than uninstalling the service itself.

Thank you for your reply. This was a server just start to build, so there were no data. At the end of the day just restored the whole OS from disk image so now everything is working fine.

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