proftpd and mod_lang


My client and their clients need to exchange files which are named in non-English format.
What I’ve found out is that proftpd needs mod_lang:

How do I install this? Or where do I run those commands?

It’s kind of urgent and any input would be very appreciate it!

Thank you!


Well, you’ll have to check and see if that module was included with the group of modules installed along with ProFTPd on your system. On my system, that was in /usr/lib/proftpd, but that location is going to depend on your distro and architecture.

Unfortunately, on the one system I checked here, I didn’t see a mod_lang – so it’s possible you’re going to have to manually compile that module.

There are instructions on compiling it here:

According to the mod_lang docs here (, what you’d need to do is compile ProFTPd using the --enable-nls option.

If you compile the same ProFTPd version as you currently have installed – you could then just take the mod_lang module and install it along with the other modules you have.