ProFTP Folder to add additional folders?

If you create a user in Webmin --> Users and Groups, and assign a specific folder for their home folder, then they have the ability to use FTP to login to that folder and work with their files.

So, for example, using FileZilla or any other FTP Client, a user logs in and they see what’s found at /volumename/home/userfolder

That’s great. But what if I want to give them access to another folder on the system. For example…


I would like to see two folders listed in their remote site folder list when they login via FTP.

  1. Is that possible?
  2. If not, are they going to need to create two profiles in FileZilla, each with their own default remote directory?
  3. Is giving access to that second folder as simple as modifying the file and folder ACL’s for that particular user on that folder structure, or does something need to be added to ProFTP in order to add an accessible folder?


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