.procmailrc configuration



Has anyone been able to configure .procmailrc with centos and virtualmin? I tried looking for some feedback here on the forum but those posts are almos 10 years old. I guess people like spam :slight_smile:


I’ll take a shot in the dark here and say that the idea of setting up your SpamAssassin Mail Filter never occurred to you?

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I’ll take a shot in the clear here and think that you are thinking about English, and there are other languages for which SpamAssassin is not as effective.

But thanks for the unhelpful comment. :slight_smile:

Well, since you never suggested otherwise, yes. I was also curious why you would get a nice, new OS but then want to couple it up to procmail that’s been dead since 2001 to the best of my knowledge.

But then again nothing you post is clear. You constantly make people guess at everything and your attitude is awful.

My attitude? I talk about what I don’t know about Virtualmin or features I don’t know, don’t understand, or if they are present or not. You are the one who keeps talking about me. Look at a mirror man and learn about attitude and just ignore my messages if they make you feel irritated. And, if to the best of your knowledge procmail has been dead since 2001, why didn’t you start with that instead of saying I could use SpamAssassin and “never occurred to you”? Because you like confrontation that is why. Grow up man, change your attitude, and dignify yourself by discontinuing this chat.

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@cnedas its not that… just block central spam domains like hotmail yahoo etc… you will cut out 97% of the spam. rest could be done by hand (manually) or set up filters in your email program eg thunderbird or outlook…this saves resources on server as well as your time to config stuff. In your filters you can mark those as spam and as read or delete them right a way. This way you can eliminate spam about 99.9% on your end :wink:

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