Procmail vs Sieve -- Recommendations?

Over the last 25+ (!) years, I have run our email on:

  • Linux Postfix with Procmail
  • then migrated to OSx Postfix with sieve (procmail not supported)
  • And now to web/user/virtualmin

I have hardly changed anything in our filter script logic over all that time, just the various lists (of who gets routed etc).

I am sure I can migrate back to procmail if that is helpful.

My questions:

  • Procmail appears to have good GUI support in *min, while sieve does not. True?
  • A decade ago, “they” thought procmail was going away, and sieve was the wave of the future. Does procmail have new life, or should I be cautious about switching back?

Before I begin Yet Another Conversion project… any other questions I ought to be asking, or any other insights?

Thanks much,

Operating system Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.981
Usermin version 1.823
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

True. I’d like to see us move to Sieve at some point, but it’s a big project.

No, procmail does not have new life. It is effectively unmaintained, but, it’s also well-understood and basically “done”. It doesn’t need more development, because it does everything it was supposed to do and all the tools that surround it work with it.

If you are comfortable with sieve and don’t need the GUI support for auto-responders, AV, etc. found in Virtualmin, you should stick with sieve. We’ll catch up to you eventually.

Thanks… Not sure which I am more comfortable with. Might take advantage of the procmail gui for now :slight_smile:

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