Procmail not calling SpamAssassin

Having weird issues with procmail and SpamAssassin… on a freshly installed Virtualmin Pro 3.14 machine, the per-site virtual-server procmail rulesets (kept in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/procmail/) are being set up like this when the "Spam filtering enabled?" checkbox is set:

| *

Obviously none of the messages are passing through SpamAssassin. Comparing to a separate Virtualmin Pro 3.14 box (one that was installed under a previous version and since upgraded to 3.14), I see that the spam rule should look like this:

| /usr/bin/spamassassin --siteconfigpath /etc/webmin/virtual-server/spam/114488813816822

What on earth could be causing this? Am I missing a setting somewhere? Is there something misconfigured in 3.14 that would only rear its head on a fresh install?

Whoops, I didn’t fully test this. On the upgraded box I now see the behavior for new domains, which tells me it’s a problem in 3.14. (Working domains were simply ones created under older versions).

I’ve bugreported this as #397.