Procmail issues

Since Virtualmin doesn’t support Sieve I need to use Procmail for some e-mail filtering tasks.

After some reading I got it running. But there’re still some issues. The most important issue is an error message I see in the Procmail log: “procmail: Exceeded LINEBUF”.

This error message isn’t always there but very often.

I already did some Google search but didn’t find some really helpful pages about this error. Does somebody know how to fix this issue?



If you look in /etc/procmailrc, do you see “LINEBUF” being set in there?

If so, you could always try raising it.

I’m not sure what the default is, but if it’s not being set, you could always set it, and increase it until those messages stop.

You could start with something like this:


Howdy Andrey.

You are helpful as always! Thank you very much and a Happy New Year.

It helped; There wasn’t LINEBUF in procmailrc. After adding this the issue is solved.

May I ask for another issue:

I’m using some recipes to move mails to another folder like this:

  • ^From:
    “$HOME/Maildir/.INBOX.Unwichtiges 2/”
    Usually it works, but in this above case it doesn’t. I want to move mails with this header: From: “ But it doesn’t move these specific mails. I have no clue why not. I already changed the condition line to * ^From: .promotion5. or anything like this but without any effect. How does it come that some mails are not processed by Procmail?