Processes and Limits: what kind of input?

I have a few virtual servers within my virtualmin configuration. I want to cap some of them in cpu/memory usage. You can input something in those fields, but I don’t know in what kind of unit it expects as input. Is it in percentages or something else?


I assume you’re referring to the screen in Administrative Options -> Resources and Limits.

Those are added to the /etc/security/limits.conf file. You can take a peek at “man limits.conf” to get an idea of what the fields do.

The CPU info is in “maximum CPU time, in seconds” – cpu time is the second to last field you see if you type “ps auxw” (the number immediately before the process name).

The memory/process related questions are bit more straight forward – maximum number of processes just limits how many processes a user can have running at one time.

And maximum size per process allows you to cap how much RAM any given process can grow to – that field allows you to specify whether it’s bytes, kB, MB, GB, and so forth.