Problems With WHMCS Pop3 import php pipe Cron Script Failing To Execute

Hi, folks.
I’m trying to figure out with this pop3 import script isn’t working via cron, wich seems to eb the least-intrusive way of making it run.
It checks the specific mail boxes by logging in, and if a new mesage is processed for a given support department, makes the WHMCS system send out an email to the client with a new support ticket.
The ending output, attached tot he following crontab entry is what Jamie suggested I add to supress receiving over 1 thousand emails ( per five minutes) wich is WHMCS’s suggestion on how long this script should run for.
*/5 * * * * php -q /home/khinton/domains/
p.php > /dev/null 2> &1
But despite this, the script isn’t owrking.
I entered the server address as simply localhost in the departments respectively.
Should I have entered instead?
Basicly what this boils down to is that I’m not receiving tickets during my testing process of my mail system and WHMCS at this point. A solution to my problem would be most appreciated from anyone.

It is because the script is being execute by php-cli and that doesn’t know about the iocube loader.
so your best bet is to use either curl or wget to call the script.
Personally I use CURL.

curl or wget and let the cron run every 5 minutes or so

/dev/null 2> &1 pnly means you will not see the output…e.g the output is delivered to a black hole :smiley: