Problems with ReadParseMime

Edit: Disregard this post, turns out uploading files while travelling on a train, via 3G net, can introduce some sftp issues :slight_smile:

and so with near perfect timing, I’ve hit my first major issue.

I’ve got a file editor, modeled off the webmin postfix manual.cgi and manual_update.cgi scipts, however when submitting the edited file to save, the script seems to hang on the ReadParseMime line

I’ve stripped the start of file down to the bare minimum, but it’s not even reaching the first print statement after the ReadParseMime() call, start of file is below, any thoughts on this would be much appreaciated, the file being dealt with only weighs in at 4.4KB

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict;

our (%in);
require ‘./’;

$in{‘data’} =~ s/\r//g;

&ui_print_header(undef, ‘save file’, “”, undef, 1, 1);