problems with Apache using mod_php

Hello, there is a problem. Perhaps it is already covered in the forum, but I have not found a solution specifically for you. I’m trying to configure Apache with mod_php. connected, but the problem is that referring to php-file is simply output to the screen without processing. If, however, refer to the file by default (index.php), it is downloading.
P.S. sorry for bad english, I’m from Belarus.


By default, Virtualmin used FCGID.

You can change a domain from FCGID to mod_php by clicking Server Configuration -> Website Options, and changing the PHP Execution Mode to mod_php.


I’ve already changed the settings on mod_php

did you do a yum install php-mysql if you are on Centos or
apt-get install php-mysql for Debian ?

i’m install apache and mysql with lamp. all works do on Ubuntu 11.04

Opened up new facts. I tried to reinstall the system. Ubuntu 11.04 + Lamp + Webmin + Virtualmin. The site of the default /var/www php is processed normally, but a virtual hosting, which is created using Virtualmin, just go download the file. In the logs there is nothing about this. It seems that just are not processed files with the extension php.


Well, remember that Virtualmin doesn’t support Ubuntu 11.04… you can see a list of supported distros here:

Although it should be possible to get things working on Ubuntu 11.04, it might be a lot of work… you may have more luck with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.