Problems - Virtualmin on Ubuntu 10.04 Mediatemple (ve) server

Ok… this is intended to be an ongoing discussion of the problems I’ve run into installing Virtualmin on an Ubuntu 10.04 MediaTemple (ve) server.

I’m going to write up another quick forum post in a second titled "Solutions - " where I’ll go into detail on how I got Virtualmin up in the first place. In short I set a temp /tmp, install mysql-server manually, and then run Problems:

Virtualmin: System Settings - Features and Plugins

For some reason the default checkbox column doesn’t work here. I’ve tried un-selecting BIND, PostgreSQL, ProFTPd, Spam filtering, and Virus filtering but it doesn’t stick. The only one that I’d like shut off that works is Mailman.

Webmin: System: Bootup and Shutdown

For some reason I can’t toggle the At Boot? flag, or as it’s called in the edit screen Start at boot time. I’m trying it for bind9, clamav-daemon, clamav-freshclam, dovecot, mailman, spamassassin, and proftpd.

Webmin: System: Inital System Bootup

There isn’t anything on this page?

Webmin: Others: System Logs / Bandwidth Monitoring

Neither of the System Logs modules are installed on this system and supported by your OS. The Bandwidth Monitoring module cannot operate without one of them.


Module System Logs

Syslog PID file : /var/run/
Path to syslog server: /sbin/syslogd
Path to syslog config file: /etc/syslog.conf