problems after update virtualmin 3.26

hi @ all

joe installed the complete virtualminstuff on my vserver a few month ago … all running fine but postfix ( need to restart it every 2 days , but thats ok for me ) .
3 days ago, i installed the virtualmin update 3.26 via yum .
since the update , i ve serious problems, to work with virtualmin, cuz none of my browsers can display the page .
i allways get the second part of the statusframe , but nothing in the "managerframe" or something else, after 2-3 times reload, i dont get anything … only the error messages … if i restart the box , the problem is gone for the next login only for a limited time :frowning:
maybe someone can help me a bit .

Hey Richard,

Sounds like maybe disk or memory shortage.

Check dmesg for any errors about "OOM Killer" or something like that. Check also in /var/log/messages for anything relevant.

There aren’t any known issues in 3.26 (though we did break AWstats somehow recently…fix will go in tomorrow or Monday), and I even gave a presentation with it today…so I’m pretty sure it’s not the culprit. Though I can’t be certain I didn’t do something else to trigger it. The new theme release from Friday also seems to be OK (I also was running it for my presentation).

Oh, yeah…Postfix might be the same issue (memory or disk or something else). It’s a rock solid piece of software–the most reliable server product I’ve ever used…I’d be shocked if it’s dying for no reason.

hi @ all

thx for the fast reaction :slight_smile: i checked the messages and all logfiles i could found … seems all ok there , only bad logins in messages. atm i try to open the virtual/webmin site on my box , with no success … on the ohterside, the built in webmin ( 1.18x) works great , it shows me, that the box uses 7% ram , 0.05 % CPU and 8% diskspace over the last 15 minutes

Hey Richard,

Hmmm…Is DNS working OK? Can you reverse resolve the client system you’re connecting from?

Here’s how you test:

Find out your client IP, by browsing to

Then, in Webmin, browse to the Webmin:Others:Command Shell module. Enter in the command field:


Replacing the x’s with your client IP address. If it returns quickly and with something other than an error, then this is not the problem, and we’ll need to keep looking into it (I’ll probably want to check on your box myself, as this isn’t normal behavior and I’m not sure how to troubleshoot it, off-hand).

i ve no dns on the box itself, i use external dns servers , but they are stable and fast ( faster than all i can get from my providers ) but if i try to ping the box or to resolve the dns from at home, ping is below 40ms and the ping from my box to dns servers is fast too …

i ll send u a pm with ip and pw for the box

thx :slight_smile:

Hey Richard,

It was memory problems. Too much going on in the limited space you’ve got…the OOM killer was kicking in–but you couldn’t see it in dmesg, since it’s a virtual server and dmesg doesn’t return anything.

I’ve emailed you advice on how to free up a bit more memory, without hurting any services, which should help you avoid future problems.

Virtual servers can be difficult to troubleshoot sometimes, because the “real” console messages and the kernel log are not visible to you (they’re all going to the “host” system under which your “guest” system is running).

This has come up in the past on Lycos virtual servers like yours, so I’m going to add a FAQ about the problem, so others will be able to spot the symptoms a bit easier. There isn’t really much we can do to avoid it, if memory is short on a virual server (we can’t detect it either, since all of the relevant logs and such are out of reach and the memory usage reported by the system is not accurate).