Problem with virtualmin site modification

One of my less useful users has found a bit of an issue…

In the “Edit Server” screen, there’s a box entitled “Description”. This puts the site description into the /etc/passwd file.

One of my muppets decided that descriptions should have a colon in them. This makes a bir of a mess of the passwd file, and users can’t log in any more :frowning:

Any chance we can sanitise that field a bit?


Hey Vic,

Whoah, life is hard. :wink:

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I’ve filed a bug, and a new release will be out very soon to address the problem.

Of course, to fix the immediate problem, you’ll need to remove the excess colon from the passwd file using your favorite text editor.

Here’s the bug:

The problem is an easy fix, so I doubt it will take more than a day or so to get a new version out with a fix (and if Jamie can’t get to it by then, I’ll tackle it).

This will be fixed in the next release of Virtualmin.
I check for a : when creating a server, but forgot to check for one when editing!