Problem with user authentication after update

Operating system: Debian
OS version: 10

After updating the packages yesterday and changed webmin 6.13 to 6.14 we do not have the ability to create new users. We use the format to log in. The user is created via virtualmin and in appears in /etc/passwd and in the postfix virtual table. The home directory is created with the right permissions. The problems is that the username seems inactive. We cannot log in via IMAP and we cannot also send emails to the newly created user. The error message is:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

  Subject:	proben mail
  Sent:	7.12.2020 17:07

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

  '' on 7.12.2020 17:07
        Server error: 'Invalid recipient'

The old users looks good and they can send and receive emails. We mostly use the server as a mail server.

Kind regards,

Hi, Nikolay.

That record under Webmin > Servers > Postfix Mail Server > Virtual Domains is actually created the same way old records were created?

What do you have set for Create extra Unix user on Postfix systems when using user@domain format? on Virtualmin > System Settings > Virtualmin Configuration > Advanced options page?

Lastly, if unrolling either one or both of the following patches, and restarting Webmin (/etc/webmin/restart), does it work for you the old way?

… unrolling patches doesn’t seem to affect anything in this regard.

Same here, website transfered on new freshly install from previous server has the same problem.

(All the email already created with transfer or not, don’t work)

Hello Ilia,
Webmin > Servers > Postfix Mail Server > Virtual Domains

Map specifications

Create extra Unix user on Postfix systems when using user@domain format?

I see the users are created in both variants in /etc/passwd. We did not change the configuration when updated the new version.

We found a workaround:
If we create account at some of our domains - does not work.
If we create account nchilingirovapn at the same domain - it works. (without dots. I don’t know why.)
After creating a working account (we check via webmail) we can rename it to an account we want and it works.

@Jamie Jamie, do you have an idea why this might be happening?

I don’t know why that would be - as far as I’m aware, Postfix has no problem with usernames with dots in them.

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