Problem with purchasing a license for Virtualmin

I’ve got an issue with purchasing a lisence for virtualmin. been using it for test hosting purposes for some time already, really like it and want to buy a license to make it more official and offer some web and mail hosting services to my clients.

I’m running CentOS 7 for now, planning to move to an OS that’s supported by its developers and buy a license. got an account here, have a card attached to it, but every time I try to got to store page, it just says “access denied”.

is there something I’m missing, or doing wrong?

If you open your eyes and see some of the latest posts, or just use the search function, you will find several posts about the subject, including one where Joe explains the situation.

Hmm, that was really helpful from you, thanks a lot.

I’ve been doing just that for the last two years, every time I had a question, or an issue with gpl version and right at the moment I havn’t got the time to do the same, the first person who replies is the least type I need.

Would be much nicer if you could point me to said topic, so I could explain to my clients, why I’m refusing them hosting services I promiced couple of weeks ago?



We are sorry about temporary inability to purchase a new Virtualmin Pro license. Joe has been working very hard for the past months on migrating us to a new billing platform. When the migration is fully finished, we will update this ticket (hopefully in the near future) so you and your clients could move forward with Virtualmin Pro.

Sorry again for any inconvenience!

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It’s literally called “How to purchase a license?”
But here’s the link: How to Purchase License - #27 by arretx

Thanks, I’ll move on to that one than :slight_smile:

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@Ilia hi there, its been long term issue as far as I remember as a year ago I offered some kind of solution to joe but hey no one is perfect :wink: I’ve upped my server today with another 24 gigs of ram and was too looking for pro license (yap me gpl version tweaker) to just support this awesome open source however checked purchase page again and after that I did reduced my hopes same - to my helpful replies on this forum to almost zero or to just likes clicks - here on forum. Well I will hope you would sort this out - even donation paypal link would help you to support this awesome opensource… ah another day behind us, same s**t just different day :slight_smile:


@Ilia @Joe , test it - I mean be brutal before lounche…

And thank you! I cannot wait!

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We are happy to announce that Virtualmin Shop has finally been re-opened, and buying a new Pro license is possible again! Now we accept both, regular payments with a bank card (as before), and PayPal as well (new).

Thank you for being patient, and apologizes for any inconvenience posed!

Special kudos to @Joe, and all the hard work he’s done! The official message from Joe can be read on our Forums and/or on our Telegram channel.

Keep in touch.

Kind regards,