Problem with phpmyadmin - need to downgrade

CentOS 7
Virtualmin GPL

I’ve just upgraded phpmyadmin to v4.6.0 but cannot now access it through my browser, in the error log I get

mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in /home/myfolder/public_html/phpmyadmin/libraries/sanitizing.lib.php on line 135

line 135 reads:

‘[dochelpicon]’ => PMA\libraries\Util::getImage(‘b_help.png’, __(‘Documentation’)),

In order to troubleshoot I wanted to revert to the previous version, I thought I could do this in Virtualmin > Install Scripts > Available Scripts and select the old version and install but I get:

Failed to install script : Another script is already installed in /home/myfolder/public_html/phpmyadmin.

So I assume the way to to go is to uninstall v4.6.0 and then reinstall v4.4.15.5 - however in Virtualmin > Install Scripts > Installed Scripts > phpmyadmin it says that all databases will be lost.

Is there a way to avoid losing the databases and just revert back to the previous version of phpmyadmin?


It will only allow you to install one script per directory, and yeah, unfortunately, you’d likely need to remove the existing one entirely in order to install an older version.

If you’d like to install them both side-by-side, you could always install it into a different directory though. So one could be in the “phpmyadmin” sub-dir, and the other cold be in, say, “old_phpmyadmin”.

You shouldn’t lose any data by removing it though… I would hope not anyway. What’s the exact message you’re seeing there about losing databases?


Thank you for your reply.

I eventually came to the conclusion that I could install it in another virtual server, but of course another folder in the same VS would also work - as you say.

In the Manage Script page of the phpmyadmin install, the message at the top says:

‘This page can be used to un-install a script, or upgrade it to the latest version. If you un-install, any data files and databases associated with it will be lost’

I did think that losing the databases seemed a bit harsh, maybe the message doesn’t quite mean what, to me, it implies. Perhaps it would be for databases created from within phpmyadmin?