Problem with email

I’m trying to set up an email, but when I try to send an email, I get this.

**OS type and version: CentOS Linux 8.4.2105
**Webmin version:1.981
**Virtualmin version: 6.16

The report isn’t visible on the screenshot.

Sorry, I uploaded another photo
Will he be able to get better :frowning: I’ve been struggling with this for 3 days and I can’t figure out what’s going on

According to the report, your server IPv6 address is missing a PTR record. You should talk to contabo and ask them to set up the rDNS for your IPv6. You will also need to add an AAA record for the same.

Could I add a PTR?

That depends on your provider. You will have to ask them if you can add the record yourself or not.

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If you also have an IPv4 address, you may be better off just disabling IPv6 for Postfix.

I’ve noticed that a lot of providers don’t properly handle PTRs for their IPv6 range, so you may be fighting an uphill battle to get delegation for that IP or a PTR record from the provider.

Also note that it doesn’t matter what the PTR record is. It doesn’t even need to be in a zone you manage (i.e. you don’t have to control it, it just has to exist and work both forward and reverse). So, if they delegate it to you and you create a PTR, that’s fine. If they don’t delegate but have proper records, that’s also fine. Right now you’ve got neither.

I think it’s better to try deactivating IPv6 for Postfix. how could i
do this thing? Is it done somewhere in the Virtualmin panel?

Edit /etc/postfix/ and change inet_protocols from (most probaby) all to ipv4 like this:

inet_protocols = ipv4

Then reload and restart postfix.

It works … Thank you very much! I love you

When I send an email through the Wordpress panel I have no problem, but when I send an email through Roundcube I get an error for DKIM. How could I fix this?

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