Problem with cloudmin Virtual Server Replication

Host operating system: Debian
Host OS version: 9
Webmin version 1.979
Virtualmin version 6.16 GPL / but just for testing for produktion it will be a pro version
Cloudmin version 9.5 Pro


I’ve questions/ problems with the Virtual Server Replication.
My plan:

  • one system as master running cloudmin, virtuamin and other stuff.
  • two systems to which the domins should be replicated to serve the content, get the mails and so on
  • mariadb cluster (maxscale and galera) for serving the DBs - works fine
  • NFS cluster with drbd to hold the /home/cluster/* - works also
  • LDAP cluster to store useres (connected to the three hosts and the NFS servers for the quota features - seems to work too (useres ar present and can be used/ quotas are shown)
  • a load balencer infront of the hosts (ramdomly domains sould be use the LB or DNS-LB via cloudmin round-robin DNS records)

My questions / problems:
in the replicaqtion I select

  • source to destination
  • checked All on source system and Delete domains no longer on source
    - All except selected features ..: Home directory MariaDB database
  1. strage thing is when I set up cluster DNS to the two slaves and add BIND DNS domain to All except selected features .. it say DNS domin already exist
  2. if I change someting on the “master” i.e. Mail for domain enabled is not replicated - if I delete the domian on the destination and replicate it is present
    also if i disable a domain on the master it is not replicated


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