Problem when creating new email and user

OS type and version ubuntu 18.04
Virtualmin version 2.021

I am having a strange problem creating an email address.

To create it I just do virtualmi->Edit USers → Add a user to this server.

I fill in the email, the real name and the password. For example I created an email ‘’ with the real name ‘user’.

Everything is created automatically normally.

However when I send an email to I get a return like this: (expanded from
unknown user: “

In the ‘Edit Mail Aliases’ part, the line that matches the name ‘user’ has a destination alias ‘Address’.


having the same problem.

Fixed the problem by creating manually the email Aliases.

How do you create manually aliases?

Edit Mail Aliases and then click Manually edit aliases.

if your email is


What OS do you use, is it the same. This should not be needed to be done.

Is use Ubuntu 18.04

sorry, I meant mackos, it might be the OS. I have Rocky9 with no issues.

I have rocky 9.1
I created the users normally but no aliases were created.

When you edit a user and add forward option to another user, then the email alias is getting removed. At the end forwarding is not working.

How to add forward to another email too?

Best to create another topic. Maybe add screenshots of what your doing. Never had a issue doing this.

Sorry about that! Unfortunately, Virtualmin 7.5 has a bug. Upcoming Virtualmin 7.7 is going to fix this issue!


When I edit manually aliases in virtualmin, aliases are deleted.
So now I don’t have any aliases in this section.

But my file etc/postfix/virtual still have one record inside.
What is the good file to edit aliases?

When the new version with the fix will be available?

Until then, is any way to have forwarding working?


Yeah, you can tweak config files manually or enable creation of an extra Unix for Postfix in Virtualmin configuration, and re-create the user.

I think it’s better to wait until @Joe pushes Virtualmin 7.7 packages to our repos.

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What is the good file to edit aliases? etc/postfix/virtual ?

Virtualmin 7.7 has been released which should fix your problem.

/etc/aliases file.

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