Problem using administrator username for SMTP login

So, I’m running a Virtualmin installation on Centos 6.6 using Postfix for mail, and I’ve run into an issue that’s stumped me and my google-fu - hopefully somebody here can help with it.

I’m using the user@domain.tld format for user login, I’ve made sure to have the -r tag in my saslauthd daemon, and everything appears to be working properly…

Until I create a user named Administrator. I can create a user called MyrMcCheese@domain.tld, aeugaesfask@domain.tld, etc and I am able to use outlook to access mail through POP3 and send out with SMTP. If I try to create an outlook user called Administrator@domain.tld the POP3 logs in properly, but upon outbound mail check I get a 5.1.1 error : User Administrator not found.

When I look in Webmin->Postfix Mail Server->Virtual Domains I see that Administrator@domain.tld is mapped to Administrator-domain.tld, but that’s how it is for every other email address that I’ve created and that works properly.

Is there something special about the Administrator name that has to be done before it can be used? What am I missing?



While other email users would indeed use the user@domain.tld format for their usernames, the Virtual Server owner would actually just be “user”, or “Administrator” in your case.

If you configure the username to just “Administrator”, does that work for you?