Problem to restore my virtual servers


I recently did something that destroy part of my Virtualmin installation and when i get everything back to working again i see that all my virtual servers setup have disappeared. But now when i try to restore from a backup i end up whit this error:

Re-creating virtual server …
… a clash was detected : A unix user named user already exists - try selecting a different administration username

What should i do to get around this? How can i restore my virtual server setup?

All my domain is working and pointing to the right site.

No one?

you can go into Webmin and delete the user, but it sounds like you were doing a restore and it hung up. Happened to me too after doing a fresh install using the new Virtualmin. Also doesn’t install libxml-simple-perl which is needed for the Amazon S3 restore. A few things wonky about the new stuff imo. But for your specific error, you can go into webmin->users&groups and delete the user. But you’ll have to delete everything it did trying to restore before it hung.

The problem is that the only user there is the root user. So what should i do then?

This still is a problem.