Problem switching IPs and Clustering DNS with virtualmin/webmin options


I’m using Virtualmin 3.76 GPL and I recently changed my virtual hosting server from being behind a NAT, exposing only private IP’s to the local system, to proxyarp where the actual server has the full public IP and no private network setup involved, but I’m having issues with clustering DNS through webmin.

What happens, when I go into BIND DNS, and delete the old clusters and re-add them is they get added to the cluster host with the master IP’s pointing to the old server’s private IP, and the clustered host’s IP as well, instead of using the proper IP.

I did a grep -R OLDIP /etc/webmin/* and saw absolutely no reference to the old IP address. What can I do to resolve this save from completely re-doing the entire setup from scratch all over again?

Eric Renfro