problem ssl

I have problems with the server, install all the certificates and it works for an undetermined time not longer than 5 minutes, and it falls, it does not generate any error, it restarts apache, active ssl and nothing works, it can not be but it falls and it works when it is I want to attach images of the configuration and the tests made when it was working and suddenly I shut up, I’m desperate because I reinstalled the system 3 times thinking that errors are missing from the server but nothing works.

ssl installed correctly =

I verify that the ssl is working =

access_log =

error log =

what can I do that you recommend me thank you very much

What happens when the SSL fails? Do you get any error in the browser?

hello thank you for helping me out, you can not access this website, but this only happens with https, if you enter with http works correctly, https works when he wants and falls when he wants.

You can start by checking your apache and ssl conf files. In case you dont know what to look, post them here on forum and someone (not necessary me) can take a look and see if something is wrong. Usually when SSL fails it will say something in the log files but in your case looks like nothing happens.

I would suggest to start with your ssl settings in apache and ssl conf files like SSLProtocol, SSLCipherSuite, SSLHonorCipherOrder…