Problem Restoring BIND from a Backup


I am setting up a DNS cluster with Webmin and I am running through my “Emergency Recovery Plan” on the master server and I’ve hit a snag.

Everything gets restored correctly except that the zones are not showing up in the Webmin interface. I believe this is because the /etc/webmin/bind8/zone-names files is not being updated as this file does not list the zones nor is it part of the backup.

How do I refresh the zone-names file so that I can see the zones in the Webmin interface?

I’ve tried rebooting the server, restarting Webmin, “Apply Configuration” and it doesn’t work.



How are you backing up your DNS configuration?

Anyway, this sounds bug-like, so it’s probably something that needs to go in the tracker.


I am using the following steps:

Login to Webmin on the server.
Select “Webmin/Backup Configuration Files”
Select the “Scheduled backups” tab.
Click “Add a new scheduled backup.”
In the screen that appears, enter the following:

Modules to backup: BIND DNS Server
Backup destination: Local file: /root/backup.tar
Include in backup: “Webmin module configuration files” and “Server configuration files”
Email result to address:
When to send email: Always
Scheduled backup enabled? Yes, at times selected below …
Simple schedule: Daily (at midnight)

Click “Create”

I’m not sure if it matters but this is an Amazon instance based on Cent OS 5.3. I can send you the complete steps I use to setup the server if you would like. However, I would prefer to do that offline, as I don’t want my server configuration made public. I assume you have my email in my account info for this forum.

you should create an issue in the tracker and make the post private if you like.