Problem login in to virtualmin after I moved primary domain to new server

OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.0
Webmin version 1.999
Usermin version 1.854
Virtualmin version 7
Theme version 19.99
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

I moved my first domain to a new server and I cant find my way back to my current server and when I try with the server IP it redirects to the new server where the website is now hosted.
Please is there any way to access the server?

To explain more when I first installed webmin I used domain and I have other websites under it.
Now I moved to a new server with the domain and it works fine but I can no longer access the initial server where it was before.
Please is there a way I can use the IP address to access virtualmin without redirecting to the domain that has since been moved to a new server.

Use your local hosts file and point your to your old server IP.

When you are able to access it you might want to consider changing hostname.

Ok. Please where do I change the hostname? Is it on the virtualmin?

Are you on Linux pc or Mac or Windows?

You change it on pc you are trying to access the server

I have pointed the nameserver back and accessed the webmin but have not been able to achieve my aim… I created this other topic if you can check and advise. Thanks

You do understand that propagation of DNS can take from 1 minute up to 72 hours right? You could literally add oldserver.i to your host file be it windows or Mac or Linux and access it directly via ip without changing anything in DNS and downtimes - do you know 100%sure what you doing?

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