Problem logging in to webmin.

Hey guys hope someone can help with this, I have installed Xebian and samba on an xbox which is used just as a file server, i use webmin 1.400 to configure it with my networked XP laptop as i dont have a keyboard or mouse for it. The problem i have is that since i reinstalled XP on my laptop i get this error when i type "https://MYXBOX_IP_ADDRESS:10000" into IE6 address bar.

"Error - Bad Request This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://MYXBOXNAME:10000/ instead."

I can still access all the available samba shares on the xbox but cannot login to webmin. I have winscp and putty on my laptop which i can use to modify any configuration files if required, but being very new to linux i dont know how to sort this out, any help would be greatly appreciated.