Problem adding a domain name

I’m a newbie to webmin and and virtualmin and used the flash walkthrough guide on the homepage to add my domain using virtualmin. It all went well and I uploaded my index.html file to the user’s public_html directory that was automatically created. I have the domain set up to point to the right DNS but I’m just getting a “Could not locate remote server” error message when I try to access my domain, Please can you help, I really desperately need to get the site up.

I’m just wondering might I have any settings that are wrong? I have the BIND turned off (DNS domains hosted by this server will be unresolvable) - should I turn that on?

Hi David,

Your registrar is pointing to and, which do not have records for your domains.

Your options are:

  1. Change the registrar to point to your server and turn on the BIND name server.


  1. Add records to those nameservers for your services.

Which one you choose is up to you. I usually like to host my own name server records, since I add things pretty frequently…but if you rarely change or add new domains it may be simpler to let your host do the work and maintenance for you.

Also, how you do these things is specific to your provider, so I can’t be very specific about how to go about it.

Hi Joe

Many thanks for your reply. The problem is I don’t know the 2 DNS addresses to point my registrar to. I know my site’s IP address is, is this any use?