pro pre-sales question

hi - sorry i know i asked this somewhere before but cant find the answer.

i have about 25 websites, and 50 “alias” websites. do the alias websites count when totaling the virtualmin-pro total?

in other words, i looked here:

i see the virtualmin-50 annual license is $149 - could i use this license for the 25 websites, or do i need to count the alias websites as well for a total of 75 websites?

again, i apologize for asking this question yet again, but hey, its a PRE-SALES question…


It’s no problem to ask questions!

Only Virtual Servers, and Sub-Servers, count towards the license.

Alias servers do not count towards the license.

It would be no problem to use a Virtualmin 50 to run your 25 domains (and 75 aliases).

Feel free to let us know if you have additional questions!


hi - upon thinking about it, i really only have a handful of websites that i wish to upgrade to pro.

is it possible to run two instances of virtualmin on one server somehow? maybe somehow isolate them using different IP numbers? one virtualmin would be the pro version (10 domain names) while the other would be for the low-traffic ones.

i could always migrate the low-traffic websites to another account, but wanted to get some opinions first.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to run two Virtualmin versions on one server.

If you have another server available, you could always move some of your sites to a Virtualmin GPL version running on that other server.