Pro license on test server?

I got a Virtualmin Pro license, which I’m happily using on my main server.
However I appear to have some hardware issue, so I am trying to simulate a system reinstall / restore on a virtual machine on my pc, to go through all the steps.

My question is: can I safely insert my serial number and license key on the Virtualmin on the testing server, or will I get trouble? I just want to test if restoring configs and domains works fine.


First off, that’s an excellent idea! Not enough people test this stuff before making changes :slight_smile:

In regards to licensing – Joe and Jamie are pretty reasonable in regards to licensing. The license makes mention of being allowed to install Virtualmin on a hot spare. That is, no one’s going to say anything if you have Virtualmin installed on a second box containing the same domain names as the first.

Also, even if there was a problem of some kind, no one is just going to shut off your license. If there were a licensing problem, after 30 days, someone would send an email inquiring about it, largely trying to make sure no one stole a license key from you and is using it elsewhere.

But no, go for it, your usage is certainly legitimate :slight_smile:

Good luck!

ok, thank you :wink:
once i’ll have restored the domains i’ll just check that everything is there and configured fine, then i’ll wipe the system. it’s not even going to actually serve anything to the world as it will have a local ip on my home network :wink: