Pro License Change issues


Joe was kind enough to provide me with a trial license. I’ve finally got around to purchasing a full license to 50 doms and have attempted to install it.

I used the command line to change the license over and while it did change the license, it has not changed the timeouts on my virtualmin license expiry.

I’ve installed the new license using the command line. It doesn’t appear to have taken in my license info area of virtualmin. The right license and key are there but the server amounts and time remaining have not updated.

I would also like to note that the support ticket generator in virtualmin throws an error when submitting the ticket. (

root@unicron:~# virtualmin change-license --serial 5569 --key MWVYA
Checking serial 556
9 and key M****WVYA …
… valid for 50 domains until 2016-03-02

Updating Virtualmin APT repository …
… done

Updating Virtualmin license file …
… done

Virtualmin License
Virtualmin serial number 5569
Virtualmin license key M
Licensed domains Unlimited
Domains left Unlimited
Expiry date 2016-02-15
Days until expiry 12

Bump? 9 days till my trial expires.


When logging into Virtualmin, there is a Re-Check License option on the top of the System Information screen.

Try clicking that, and see if it then shows you the proper info.

If not – what does this command show:

virtualmin licence-info

If you’re speaking about the refresh button then this has no effect. I did not see a button specific to recheck license.

root@hosting:~# virtualmin licence-info
Serial number: 5560279
License key: MXbtXAWVYA
Expiry date: 2016-02-15
Virtual servers: 27
Maximum servers: Unlimited
Servers left: Unlimited

Ah, that’s very odd! We’re looking into what might cause that.


Let me know if you need me to provide access to the server or any further diagnostic information.

It appears that the server is now showing the correct license. Very strange. Was an update performed in virtualmin?


Oh good!

No, we didn’t change anything on our end, I don’t believe… we’ve actually been discussing what the issue might be and how to correct it.

It was sounding like your server wasn’t able to communicate with the license manager, and we were discussing how to troubleshoot that.

I had a few ideas, was coming back here to try and try some of them with you :slight_smile:

I’m thrilled to hear it’s working for you though, that’s good news!

Oh, and in the future – we’re happy to help you where ever, but I wanted to mention that as a Virtualmin Pro customer, you’d receive faster support using the Support Tracker, which is available using the “Support” link above. There’s more of us who get those notifications, and they go out immediately. We don’t receive Forum notifications in the same way, so it could take longer to hear back from us.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know!