I purchased the Pro; I was installing a backup server today and wanted to use the newest install file; I logged in and went to the download page; I downloaded and installed the script there thinking it was the pro version; but it wasn’t; now I need to know what do do; first; how do I get the latest pro; then do I need to un-install this on? If so how do I do that.
This is a fresh install of CentOS 5.2; I can blow it out and reinstall it if that’s best.


Jeff Flesher

Since you used, using the "Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro" feature within Virtualmin will probably get things upgraded. Another option would be to use the --uninstall option to, and then run the correct e.g.:

/bin/sh --uninstall

And then download and run the Virtualmin Professional install script. It should go pretty fast, since it will only need to install the Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin/etc. packages rather than the full stack.