pro feature automatic alias creation

The change log mentioned that this was added to GPL 3.82. But I can not find that feature 3.82 GPL. Looks like I am blind? Please help :slight_smile:


Indeed… you should see that in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Virtual Server Creation – the option you’re looking for is “Automatically create alias domain”.

Let us know if that does the trick!


Nope. I don’t see that option. I looked at:

System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> Dropdown List

But no such option there …

Centos 5.5


So just to clarify – in that select list, towards the end… you see “Webmin Login”, “Virtual IP Address”, and then, in theory, next should be “Virtual Server Creation”.

On your system, does it jump straight to “Plugin Options”?


Correct, there is nothing in between Virtual IP Address and Plugin Options.

I looked at two installs (one fresh 3.82 install and one “3.81 upgrade to 3.82”).

I just checked the virtualmin pro demo and it was easy to find that feature :slight_smile: I guess it is probably a bug in virtualmin 3.82?

I’m using virtualmin 3.82 gpl as well and I can’t see this feature :frowning: It’s a fresh installation of 3.82 and not an upgrade.

Should it be available in the gpl version or only in pro?

It’s a bug that it wasn’t available in 3.82… I believe that’s fixed now in the recently released 3.83 GPL. Give that new version a try and see if that works a bit better for you :slight_smile:


Trying to update virtualmin within virtualmin but it isn’t released yet?

I installed Virtualmin yesterday with the script on debian 5.0 lenny. Perhaps it’s not distributed yet?


I installed Virtualmin yesterday with the script on debian 5.0 lenny. Perhaps it’s not distributed yet?

What version of Virtualmin are you running?

Version 3.83 is the newest version:

I’m running 3.82 gpl, which I installed with yesterday. But in Virtualmin Package Updates I can’t see any update to 3.83. So which is the normal way to update Virtualmin?

Remember that I’ve used Virtualmin for 1 day :slight_smile: I love it though so far, everything is so easy.


Yeah, it’s odd that your install yesterday didn’t install version 3.83.

Looking deeper into the issue – it may actually be a problem with the repository metadata.

I’m going to go chat with the fellow who rolled that out and see if maybe something went awry with the script that sets up the Debian metadata, as it doesn’t look correct :slight_smile:

What I’d recommend is giving it a try a little later today.

You should see updates in the System Information screen in the “Package Updates” section.

Alternatively, if you run “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” from the command line, that will prompt you with all the available upgrades.


This is what I recieved when I did “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade”.

Hit virtualmin-universal Release.gpg Hit virtualmin-lenny Release Hit virtualmin-universal Release Ign virtualmin-lenny/main Packages/DiffIndex Ign virtualmin-universal/main Packages/DiffIndex Hit virtualmin-lenny/main Packages Hit virtualmin-universal/main Packages Reading package lists... Done Myserver:/# apt-get upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Myserver:/#

Yeah, something didn’t work right when the new released was packaged up here on this end.

It should be fixed a bit later today. Or, the file is actually there (it’s just the metadata that’s broken) – you can actually download it manually. For example, the i386 version is available here:

Or, if you wait until later today, it should be working normally :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll wait until it’s been fixed :slight_smile: