Pro advert tip on GPL System Info panel replaced by HASH(0x65f3cf0)

I am testing VirtualMin 7.1 after using 6.17 and older versions for several years.

I took an older test RedHat system with … 6.12 maybe?, updated it to 6.17 first, then updated it to 7.1 with

yum update wbm-virtual-server

and things went well. I also updated webmin to 1.994.

But now on the System Information panel, at the very top is displayed


when using the older Virtualmin Framed Theme. So I tried Authentic as I believe it is much newer. Now the error shows up when clicking on the small right hand floating Message/Notification – on that popup/flyout item, its towards the bottom in the Information! section – again displaying HASH(xxxx) instead of an actual message.

I played around a bit with Data::Dumper in /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server-theme/right.cgi to see what’s going on, but do not know how to fix it or where the real issue is.

I have a number of production RedHat servers and was hoping to do the 7.1 update in place … I have not yet tried installing 7.1 on a newly built system. My guess is something left over from my older configs could be the issue.

Here is what I see when using Authentic:

and here is my Framed Theme display with several debugging PRINT statements

Thoughts anyone?


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