Private IP for sub servers?


I seem to not be understanding how virtualmin deals with private and shared IP addresses.


venet0:0 = (Public / considered Main IP on my providers control panel)
venet0:1 = (Internal to my provider)
venet0:2 = (Public)

What I am trying to do:
I want .243 address to be used only by my virtual server (dustinschreiber[dot]com) AND any of the sub servers I create.
I want .231 address to be basically the shared ip that everyone else uses (any other customers)

My problem:

I seemed to have made the .243 be private to dustinschreiber[dot]com and not available in the drop downs on the server creation page but when I tried to make webmail[dot]dustinschreiber[dot]com it wouldn’t let me use the .243 address and kept saying that it was already in use (which is obviously true as the top level domain uses it)

My question:

Is what I want to do even possible? If so, can someone please help me figure out what changes I need to make to virtualmin to allow this? I have reverted all my changes from earlier in an attempt to diagnose what I did wrong so everything would be under .243 currently. I just setup this particular box so there are no other virtual servers on it except for mine.

Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:


Still looking for a solution or some guidance please :slight_smile:


A private IP is an IP for just one domain.

If you like, you could make your second IP shared, so that multiple domains can use it.

To make an IP shared, go into Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses.


Thank you, I think I have figured out how Virtualmin is handling the IPs. Having it be the non default shared IP works for me.


Is there a way to make Virtualmin use the top level server’s shared IP for sub servers? It’s picking my primary IP instead which is not what I want.