[Private IP] Domain goes to shared IP


I need some help. I have been successfully using Virtualmin (GPL) for the last few months, but something came up that I needed to switch from Debian to CentOS.

Everything works good on CentOS except that I cannot use any private IPs. Rather it seems that the domain goes to the default shared IP despite being assigned a virtual interface.

Please see attached images…

Image One… The domain configuration page, it shows that the virtual interface is active…

Image Two… The ‘IP Address Allocation’ section does not show up, this is my first hint that something is wrong…

Image Three… The domain goes to the shared IP, which is a empty directory since my main focus is to get the major site up first…

I spent the day trouble shooting this, and now I am out ideas.
Any help will be GREATLY appreciated, I’m already past my deadline for bringing the site back up…

Thank you

fot image 2: this is correct as ‘IP Address Allocation’ doesn’t show in the GPL version.
under virtualmin - Adress and Networking-Shared IP Addresses
Does the IP show up there?