primary-server name change

hello all -

if i were to change the domain-name of my physical server to the same name as one of my virtual-servers, i am thinking that nothing needs to change in virtualmin.

in other words, say for example i had a server-domain name of where i originally installed virtuamin-webmin, and then i created a virtual-server named (obviously same server, same IP, etc)

now my current server-host is gracious enough to change my server-account name from to

i am thinking that nothing really needs to be done in my virtualmin/webmin account. i am also thinking there is nothing special about the primary server domain name as far as virtualmin is concerned.



You’re right, the server name doesn’t really matter.

But, from the admin’s point of view, there are a few things to watch out for –

I wouldn’t recommend making the server’s hostname the same as any Virtual Server on the system. That can cause problems in some circumstances.

I’d also always recommend making the server name an FQDN… something like host.domain.tld.

When changing the server name, be sure to update the name listed in /etc/hosts, as well as on the mydestination line of /etc/postfix/


thanks eric -

this idiot newbie figured out on his own that FQDN stands for “fully qualified domain name” :wink:

i am thinking my server company might deal with all the admin stuff. or i might just change accounts, at which time we start talking about virtualmin-webmin migration.

and newbies never bother to read documentation first

Even though I don’t have anything to add really to what Eric said, I just HAVE to comment here and say that I very much like the example domain names edwardsmarkf used! :smiley: