Primary nameserver cannot be resolved

Been using Virtualmin with an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS from a few years now but wanted to give Centos a try so I moved my sites to a new server and reinstalled a new OS (Centos 7 minimal) on my current server. Then I:

  1. Downloaded Virtualmin installer file using:

    wget -O /root/

  2. Inititated the installer using:

    sh /root/


a. During the installation, I got two errors. One regarding “Disk Quotas” and another regarding “Primary Network Interface” where I input “venet0”.

b. In the Post-Installation Wizard, I kept getting the error Primary nameserver cannot be resolved from the rest of the Internet : Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) even after I’ve tried reinstalling the OS and trying step 1 and step 2 again. I could just skip the check but I want to resolve this issue before proceeding further. What should I do to fix this?

I bought the in godaddy and the dns records are as follows:

A @ 600 seconds

CNAME www @ 1 Hour

CNAME _domainconnect 1 Hour

NS @ 1 Hour

NS @ 1 Hour

SOA @ Primary nameserver: 1 Hour`

N.B. Runninghostname -f returns as expected.

abc is the hostname. is the domain name pointed to the VPS. is the IP Address of the VPS.

Please close this thread. The issue was some dns misconfiguration on my side.