Pricing and License for Virtualmin Pro


As I have done many times in the past, I wish you success in all that you do. Your tools and support in the past have been excellent. I have scanned all of the FAQ’s and discussion forums here, but I have not seen a pricing sheet, a license file description, nor a way on your site to actually purchase Virtualmin Pro yet. Have I missed them somehow? Do I just send you money and literature products directly as I have done in the past, and if so, how much?

Well, best of luck on your new commercial venture so take care and have a nice day!

Ron Krisko


That’s not how it’s going this time around. Pricing is not up because Virtualmin Pro is not yet ready. It is apparently hours away from being released, and you can find the tentative pricing here:

James Miller


Thank you for directing me to the posting that I obviously missed the first time around. I thought that I was missing something, because the posts and such which stated that it would be ready in a few days and ready to take orders in a few days were from the beginning of August (and it is now almost the middle of September). Therefore, I thought that I must have missed something or misunderstood something. Thank you again for clearing it up for me. Well, take care and have a nice day!

Ron Krisko

Hi Ronald,

James is correct. Virtualmin Professional will be released today (nobody is going to believe me at this point, as it has been promised “tomorrow” on several occasions over the last three weeks or so…). The smoke tests have passed on Fedora Core 3/4, CentOS 3/4, and RHEL 4 as of about two minutes ago. RHEL 3 isos are downloading now, and I’ll have it tested by midday.

While I’m waiting for the download, I am migrating the shopping cart and the software registration manager over from our dev site to the site. So, long before the end of day today, you’ll be able to purchase Virtualmin Professional (and at a steep discount, since for the next few weeks we’re considering this an Early Adopter release and we expect occasional pains during upgrades and we expect users will find lots of bugs for a while–I’ve spent these past three weeks making sure it runs perfectly for the basic tasks, but I haven’t even begun to test for everything that Virtualmin Pro can do).

I thank everyone for their patience during the ramp up process, and I think you’ll all be extremely pleased with the result. Virtualmin Professional is everything great about Virtualmin GPL (OS-standard packages and locations, clean integration with existing tools like Webmin/Usermin, non-destructive configuration file modification, powerful and flexible templates concept, etc.) combined with tons of cool new stuff (great new themes, new plugin modules, a script installer for 20+ CGI and PHP scripts, reseller support, comprehensive perl and shell API, comprehensive online help, and a bunch of other stuff I’m not remembering now). Jamie really has outdone himself.

And now I’m back to work!