Preview website

Hi, I am an HND student and use virtualmin for one of my classes. When i click on services and try to click on preview website i keep getting the following error: Failed to connect to : Connection refused I desperately need a solution to this problem.

your virtualmin is reachable under http not https
your server is not reachable under port 80
is apache running, is a website created under /home, is there anything in the log files, did you install with the script, what OS?

does mean anything to you? as there are nameserver loops involved

Apache server is running. I amn’t sure where the website is to be created but I do have it in htdocs folder on my pc. I am unsure of the script files as I am a complete ameture with this and don’t really understand what I am doing. I am using windows xp sp3 and I have never heard of force9.

Can you tell me how to change the settings to stop this error.

sorry I have no idea about virtualmin running on a windows xp machine.

domains in virtualmin are under /home/domainname/public_html not htdocs. But that could be different under windows
You have a wamp install perhaps, it is hard to guess with your summier information.

I’d suggest you check your logfiles first for errors. /var/log/

you can install a virtualbox and install centos in it. then install virtualmin on that.
you will then have a natural environment and it won’t change your harddrive/winxp

sorry i havent downloaded it. My lecturer set this up for us to use but its purely online.

sorry i have no clue here.
may i suggest to ask your lecturer? or per haps others can chip in their wisdom