Preview website by using url like http://www.username.domain.tld don't work properly

Hello to all!

My Virtualmin is 4.01 GPL installed properly with the install script on a fresh vanilla install of Debian.

First of that, I tried many (many MANY) tutorials, readed the Virtualmin FAQ.

So the situation is that (I provide only example so don’t try to resolve dns):

My hostname example is:

IP example is:

  • First I created some virtual servers, with a real domain.tld (I acquired the dns aswell by byuing at some registrars…)

  • Result: It works well when DNS are propagated!

  • Finally I followed the FAQ and in ‘System Settings’ -> ‘Server Templates’ and set up thoses settings in the section named ‘Virtual server creation’ under the ‘Default Settings’ :

¤ ‘Automatically create alias domain’ :
ticked on ‘Create under’ and filled up :
¤ ‘Prefix for alias domain’:
ticked on ‘First part of domain’

And then validated!

  • Second I created an another virtual server (name is: flushqlick). I deactivated webmin login and DAV for that one. And uploaded in public_html folder some files and one index.html file…

– Virtualmin auto-generated the Alias domain like this one:

  • By going through webmin I can access to the content of the virtual server by my browser by going to “Services” -> “Preview Website” (link is finally this one:

  • BUT BY GOING direct url :

  • This not work… I can see :
    Server not found
    Pale Moon can’t find the server at

So… I didn’t figure why it just working through webmin…
Can’t I make the settings working for pointing by direct url (as I don’t want activate the ‘Webmin login’ for this account… So… Please:

Where I’m wrong?
Is it impossible?

Also I readed in FAQ that using UserDir of Apache is discouraged due to CGI scripts, but well… Why the Virtualmin method as described in FAQ just no work when accessed directly and not by passing through webmin?