Pre-Sales Questions

Hello there,

2 questions please :

  • is it simple to upgrade from VirtalMin GPL to Commercial ?
  • is there any possible script to execute automatically when a user order a hosting plan from my website to create his account according his ordered subscription ? Same when his subscription is no more active to unactive it ?


Yes, upgrading usually just requires adding the serial number and license key in the “Upgrade to Pro” form. Virtualmin will switch software repositories to the Pro repos and upgrade your system to the Pro version.

Yes, you can use the CLI or remote API to create and manage accounts in Virtualmin. Virtualmin also knows about “account plans” (which determine the quotas and such for the account) and Server Templates (which determines features available, initial configuration, templates for the Apache/BIND config, etc.). The remote/CLI API is documented here: (remote API uses the same commands, just in the form of query strings, also covered in the docs)