PowerPC compatible?

Is Virtualmin compatible with powerpc’s? Specifically OS X server. We have about 8 xservers left over and I need to set one up for our web server. I am catching hell trying to update and run Apache and PHP for example. I am planning on running Yellow Dog Linux as the base OS and then use Virtualmin to do Apache, PHP, SQL, etc… administration.


Well, it’s tricky to give you a straight answer :slight_smile:

It sounds like your saying you’d like to run Yellow Dog rather than OSX on your servers.

Webmin itself has Yellow Dog listed as a supported distro:


Virtualmin "officially" supports a much smaller subset of that, which you can see here:


Of those, Yellow Dog isn’t mentioned.

That’s not the end of the story though. As the above link mentions, “[if] it’s a UNIX-based OS, Virtualmin can probably still work for you”.

I don’t know that I’d expect any of the package repositories Virtualmin provides to work for you. But Virtualmin itself may very well work just fine. I’d recommend giving it a shot and just yelling on the forums if you run into any oddities.

Good luck!

PowerPC is not "offically" supported but I have installed it and got it working for a former client of mine.

Thanks. I will give it a shot on monday.

Yellow Dog should be able to use the “universal” repository, if Yellow Dog uses yum (I know yum stole from the Yellow Dog Updater…I’m just not sure if Yellow Dog re-stole yum into the OS). That’ll give you all of our Webmin packages, but none of the binaries…so you’ll need to build your own Apache (with suexec-docroot set to /home) and procmail-wrapper. Possibly also mod_fcgid if YD doesn’t have it already.

Oh, yeah, I’ll also mention that we have a lot of people running Virtualmin and Webmin on Mac OS X. You don’t necessarily have to run Yellow Dog to use either of them. We don’t officially support Mac OS X, either, but Virtualmin is known to run satisfactorily on the platform.

Thanks Joe. I will try with the OS X.

Flaked out on OS X. Won’t pick up the ip from etho1.

Is there a way to tell the installed not to look at what os I am running? I reinstalled yellow dog, but it stops because it doesnt recognize the os.

Is there a way to tell the installed not to look at what os I am running? I reinstalled yellow dog, but it stops because it doesnt recognize the os.

Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that the install script would work! It’s extremely specific to each OS it supports (which is why there are only a few very specific operating systems listed). It requires custom OS repositories for each one, etc. So, no, fooling the install script into running is not a useful pursuit. Unless you can also fool your OS into running binary packages built for a completely different OS and architecture. (Hint: Don’t try it.) :wink:

You’ll definitely have to do a manual installation of Virtualmin for Yellow Dog (or Mac OS X).

I’ve begun to document the manual process here:


It is incomplete, but has a few hints about the process. I’ll try to add more over the next few days.